Cristina Raines smokes on screen!

In the first image above from the 1982 Flamingo Road episode 'The Dedication' Mark Harmon lights a cigarette for Cristina Raines. A moment later, in the second image, Cristina Raines and Mark Harmon have a discussion while she holds the cigarette. Like in many TV shows and movies, she does not actually ever take a puff.

There are at least two other memorable instances where Cristina Raines smokes onscreen. In 1983, as you may know, Cristina Raines appeared in the first segment of the horror anthology film Nightmares as a smoker who risks everything for a pack of cigarettes.

Earlier in her career, in the 1975 film Nashville, she also lit up a cigarette during a memorable scene wheres he smokes while applying a face cream and giving an interview.

Cristina Raines may have smoked in other films or TV shows...I'll have to see if I can locate any other occasion where she might have done so.

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