Cristina Raines in The Sentinel (1977)

Cristina Raines' starring role in 1977's The Sentinel was perhaps the zenith of her feature film work.  At this point in time her career seemed to be moving ever upward, but after The Sentinel her focus shifted primarily to television.  A co-starring role in Silver Dream Racer (1980) followed (and smaller roles in Touched by Love, Nightmares, and Real Life plus a cameo in North Shore), but The Sentinel remains Cristina Raines legacy to the cinema.  Who knows what could have been if she had been given the opportunity to be featured in more major motion pictures?

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Cristina Raines

Cristina Raines is one of my favorite actresses.  She enjoyed a somewhat successful career spanning twenty years, but is relatively forgotten today.  Fans of the horror genre will probably remember her best as the leading lady from Michael Winner's 1977 classic The Sentinel (as far as horror-cred goes she also appeared in the 1983 horror anthology Nightmares, the 1973 low-budget supernatural flick Hex, and episodes of The New Alfred Hitchcock Presents and Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense).  Some will remember her simply for appearing in Robert Altman's 1975 epic Nashville.  Many others might recall the television work of Cristina Raines (she made a myriad of guest appearances over the years).  The 1973 made-for-TV movie Sunshine was her breakthrough performance and her starring role in the early '80s prime-time soap Flamingo Road was perhaps the apex of her TV endeavors.  However, still others might recall Cristina Raines from British cult motorbike film Silver Dream Racer.

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