Picture of Cristina Raines and Clarke Peters from Silver Dream Racer

Cristina Raines and Clarke Peters

Here's a pic of Cristina Raines and co-star Clarke Peters in the 1980 film Silver Dream Racer.

Clips of Cristina Raines in Quo Vadis

The following are two clips of Cristina Raines in the 1985 miniseries Quo Vadis? in which she portrayed Poppaea, the wife of Roman Emperor Nero (played wonderfully by Klaus Maria Brandauer).

The first clip is a short one and it shows Cristina Raines taking part in a strange ritual invloving symbols drawn on hands:

The second clip shows Poppaea (Cristina Raines) and Nero (Klaus Maria Brandauer) have a serious talk following the death of her son from her first marriage. You'll most likely immediately notice that Cristina Raines' real voice is not used here. As with many of the characters in this internationally cast miniseries, the voices for the English language version were dubbed.

Clip of Cristina Raines and Mark Harmon in Centennial

This is a clip of of Cristina Raines and Mark Harmon in the miniseries Centennial. This was the first project in which the pair worked together. Two years later, Cristina Raines and Mark Harmon would co-star on the prime-time soap Flamingo Road. They would also appear on an episode of The Love Boat and additionally did the stage play Key Exchange together.

Cristina Raines on Hunter

Here's a clip of Cristina Raines (billed as Christina Raines Crowe) in one of her final TV appearances, in a 1990 episode of the cop show Hunter. In this scene, murder witness Laurie Conway-Sanders (Cristina Raines) reminisces with her old high school sweetheart Detective Rick Hunter (Fred Dryer). After Hunter leaves, she talks with her sleazy husband Eddie (Granville Van Dusen).

Clip of Cristina Raines on T.J. Hooker

In 1983, Cristina Raines guest starred on an episode of the TV cop show T.J. Hooker. This short clip shows Cristina Raines chatting on the beach with star William Shatner and his young partner, Adrian Zmed.

Cristina Raines photo shoot on Kojak

In late 1977, Cristina Raines made her last TV guest appearance of the 1970s (she resumed doing guest roles on television series in 1983) with a featured role on Kojak. In the episode 'Letters of Death' Cristina Raines plays a fashion model and the episode begins with a photo shoot for Midnight Mist perfume. The following images detail that photo session:

At the end of the episode we are shown the final result of her labors (on what is supposed to be the side of a bus, but it looks more like a large truck):

Clip of Cristina Raines-Crowe on Moonlighting

In 1988, Cristina Raines (as Cristina Raines-Crowe) made a brief appearance in an episode of the TV series Moonlighting. In her one scene in the episode, she hires Moonlighting stars Cybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis to do see if the man she has been seeing is married.

Cristina Raines and Mark Harmon newspaper article

Here a newspaper clipping about Cristina Raines and Mark Harmon from June, 1982. The article discusses Key Exchange, the stage play that the pair did together, and the demise of their TV show, Flamingo Road. Brief biographical and career information is also given, as well as quotes from both Cristina Raines and Mark Harmon.

German promo image for The Sentinel

The German title for the 1977 Cristina Raines horror movie The Sentinel was Hexensabbat. Here's a nice promotional image for the film featuring the German title.

Cristina Raines in the Loose Change intro

In 1978, Cristina Raines co-starred alongside Season Hubley and Laurie Heineman in the classic coming of age miniseries, Loose Change. Of course, Cristina Raines would be featured in two other miniseries after this (Centennial perhaps being the one that is best remembered today) but Loose Change was certainly her most substantial role. She was first billed! This clip is of the introductory/credits sequence where we get to see some nice photos of the cast as children!

Clip of Cristina Raines in Stacey

Here's a clip of Cristina Raines in her second movie, Stacey, from 1973. She had filmed her first move Hex (filmed under the title Grassland) back in 1971 but it was not released until 1973, after Stacey had been released. Cristina Raines had more substantial role in Hex and in Stacey she has smaller supporting part and only appears in a few scenes. It's fun to see her in this early role, especially because she plays a character quite unlike most of the characters she would play in the future. In this scene from Stacey, Pam (Cristina Raines) and Stacey (Anne Randall) take a drive to go see some of Pam's creepy friends.

Clip of Cristina Raines on The Fall Guy

Here's an exclusive clip of Cristina Raines from her 1985 guest appearance on The Fall Guy. The video is from a German digital video broadcast and the audio is from a lower quality VHS source. It was tough to get the two sources in sync but I think this short clip turned out pretty well! Also, John Matuszak is the name of the actor she is sharing the scene with.

Clip of Cristina Raines in Streets of Justice

Cristina Raines appeared as an assistant district attorney in a 1985 TV movie about a vigilante, Streets of Justice. The project written and directed by the future husband of Cristina Raines, Christopher Crowe. Great movie...and don't mind those Dutch subtitles (unless you know the language)!

Clip of Cristina Raines and Keith Carradine in Hex

Here's a clip of Cristina Raines and Keith Carradine having some fun with a motorcycle in the cult classic Hex. The movie was filmed in 1971 under the title Grassland, but didn't get released until 1973. Cristina Raines (billed here as Tina Herazo) and Keith Carradine, as you might know, used to have a relationship in real life and this was the first of three films they would do together (the others being Nashville and The Duellists).

Clip of Cristina Raines in Russian Roulette

Here's a short clip of a telephone conversation between Cristina Raines and George Segal in the 1975 film Russian Roulette. I dig her nightgown and robe (not to mention her pink phone)!

Clip of Cristina Raines on Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense

Here's a very nice clip of Cristina Raines playing professional golfer Nancy Irving in a 1985 episode of Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense called 'The Late Nancy Irving'. Simon Williams is the name of the actor she shares this scene with.

Clip of Cristina Raines in Generation (1985)

Here's a clip of Cristina Raines and Priscilla Pointer playing mother and daughter in the 1985 made-for-TV Generation. The movie was a feature-length pilot for a proposed television series. Sadly, the series never got made but Generation still stands as a fine piece of campy mid-'80s entertainment!

Cristina Raines and Deborah Raffin in Touched By Love

Here's a clip of Cristina Raines and Deborah Raffin in the 1980 film Touched by Love.

Cristina Raines and Mark Harmon on The Love Boat

Here's a clip of Cristina Raines and Mark Harmon when the pair appeared together on a 1983 episode of The Love Boat.

A great photo of Cristina Raines

Cristina Raines smiles for the camera in this publicity picture (circa 1980). I'd never seen this photo before but she looks wonderful!