Clip of Cristina Raines in Loose Change

In this clip of the 1978 miniseries Loose Change, Kate Evans (played by Cristina Raines) attempts to become a writer for the university newspaper. She meets with a bit of resistance from Hank (played by Gregg Henry), her soon-to-be boyfriend, but manages to persuade him to read the sample article she has brought along.

Sunshine Is A Love Story

Here's a newspaper article about the project that first brought fame and recognition to Cristina Raines: the 1973 TV movie Sunshine.

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Clip of Cristina Raines second Love Boat appearance

The first time Cristina Raines was featured on the Love Boat it was 1983 and she co-starred with Mark Harmon. In 1985, Cristina Raines returned to the show, this time to play the role of a famous TV star(!).

Cristina Raines surprised by Flamingo Road's renewal in 1981

Here's a newspaper article from summer 1981 which features quotes from Cristina Raines about her TV show, Flamingo Road. The piece also includes quotes by a minister who had been threatening a boycott of the show because he and his followers felt it was too racy. Both the actress and the minister were surprised to find that that Flamingo Road had been renewed for a second season on NBC, since the ratings of the first season of the show had fluctuated so much.

And, yes, this article was transcribed on but here is the actual article for you to take a look at:

Clip of Cristina Raines in Centennial

Here's a clip of Cristina Raines in the 1978 miniseries Centennial. In this scene, Lucinda (Cristina Raines), who is half Native American, delivers a touching monologue to Levi (Gregory Harrison) in the Centennial episode 'For as Long as the Waters Flow'.

Cristina Raines on The Highwayman

Here's a clip of Cristina Raines-Crowe appearing on the short-lived sci-fi TV series The Highwayman in 1988. In this scene, reporter Pepper McKenzie (!) takes a ride with futuristic truck driver (the star of the show, Sam J. Jones) who is carrying some dangerous cargo.

Cristina Raines on Alfred Hitchcock Presents

In 1985, Cristina Raines co-starred alongside Yaphet Kotto in an episode of the anthology series Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Christopher Crowe, the soon-to-be husband of Cristina Raines, was the executive producer of the first season of Alfred Hitchcock Presents and he also wrote one episode and directed two others. One of the episodes he directed was 'Prisoners', the very episode which starred Cristina Raines, and it is indeed a fine piece of television (the whole series is also generally excellent). Take a look at the show in the videos below: