Cristina Raines classic Nightmares image

In 1983, Cristina Raines starred in one of the segments of the horror anthology film Nightmares. You've probably seen it before, but here one of the great pictures of the actress used to promote the movie:

Another photo of Cristina Raines

A very nice image of Cristina Raines. The actress wore this big furry coat and wooly hat in the 1975 film Russian Roulette.

Cristina Raines smiles for the camera

Cristina Raines, actress and model, gives a big smile as her hair flies upward in this classic photo originally posted by a generous contributor on Facebook.

Cristina Raines on the Sunshine set

I know the image is a bit warped but it is still cool to see this movie set image of Cristina Raines and the kid from 1973's Sunshine.

Cristina Raines: Model

Here's an absolutely wonderful pic of Cristina Raines:

Cristina Raines & Keith Carradine

Here's a pic of Cristina Raines and her then boyfriend Keith Carradine in France while making The Duellists together.

Cristina, Beau & Ed

Here's a pic of Cristina Raines with two of her co-stars, Beau Bridges and Ed Bishop, from the 1980 film Silver Dream Racer. Another similar photo can also be seen here.

An amazing photo of Cristina Raines

Clipped from a British magazine from the spring of 1977, here is a very, very nice picture of Cristina Raines "relaxing" in a fabulous dress during the filming of The Sentinel. Click the pic to see it full size!

Cristina Raines on Flamingo Road - Pic #27

The beautiful Cristina Raines, deeply immersed in her Lane Ballou character during the first season of Flamingo Road.

Cristina Raines on Flamingo Road - Pic #26

With beauty that never ceases to stun, Cristina Raines appears in the 2nd season Flamingo Road episode "Sins of the Fathers."

2 Pics of Cristina Raines and John Beck

Cristina Raines and John Beck, portraying Lane Ballou and Sam Curtis, made a great couple on Flamingo Road. Here are two images of the pair from the second season episode "Sins of the Fathers," where Lane and Sam, now married, attend an auction together. Cristina Raines gets a rare opportunity to where a hat.

Cristina Raines on Flamingo Road - Pic #25

Yet another image of Cristina Raines portraying Lane Ballou on the night-time soap Flamingo Road.

Clip of Cristina Raines in The Return of Marcus Welby, M.D.

Here's a clip of Cristina Raines and actor Morgan Stevens in the 1984 TV movie The Return of Marcus Welby, M.D. In this scene, Cristina Raines has accidentally scratched doctor Morgan Stevens' fancy car and the pair try to work things out.

Another pic of Cristina Raines in The Child Stealer

Just created a page on for Cristina Raines 1979 appearance in The Child Stealer. Here is a great image of her from that TV movie:

Cristina Raines Hammer House promo pics

In 1984, Cristina Raines made a wonderful guest appearance on an episode of Hammer House of Mystery and Suspense. Here is a pair of promotional photographs of the actress from that project.

Two amazing Cristina Raines photos

The gorgeous face and hair of Cristina Raines is on display in these two wonderful photos which were posted by a fan on Facebook. Wow!