Cristina Raines in Russian Roulette

In 1975, Cristina Raines was in the movie Russian Roulette. The movie starred George Segal as a Canadian cop and Cristina Raines second-billed as his sometime girlfriend/co-worker. I thought it was a pretty good movie and particularly enjoyed Cristina Raines in the film. Russian Roulette is not all that well remembered today perhaps because it has not seen a wide re-release on dvd like so many other classics have. However, the movie has seen a German dvd release, though the print has obviously not been cleaned up too too much. If you haven't seen the film and have an opportunity to do so (and you like Cristina Raines), it is worth taking a look at. Her role in the movie is not huge but she does have some good screen-time and looks beautiful throughout!

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